Aerobic a Go Go runs weekly on Thursday from 10am. £5 on the door.
I qualified in Exercise To Music, and created an exercise class (based on dance fitness) that, yes, changed my body shape, but, even better: transformed the way I felt which was stronger, more lively, less prone to injury and not so afraid of the ageing process!
The format enables us to jump straight in for a whirl through some exciting times & places with the best of dance influences from charleston to glam-rock, latin carnival to jazz, bhangra to bellydance (to name some) and of course much 60's a GoGo!  Dancercise allows us to “dance” without training, without inhibition, and without traditional constraints, such as rigid stepping and timings. There is no Right, no Wrong; as long as we tune into what our bodies are telling us, we can relax to the music and head any stress off at the door! The multi-directional movement involved means we're achieving a full body workout in no time, whilst strengthening the functional aspect of the body, which is precious, and requires great care and attention!
Choreography is easy to follow and designed to provide great variety of movement in both upper and lower body (or choose just one or the other if you're easing your way in). No one is left behind either, just in case you're new to the game. You will learn to harness inner strength to stabilise and strengthen both body & mind, whilst honing rhythm, balance, and flexibility. 
Many new participants are wary of lacking adequate co-ordination: do not worry a jot! Co-ordination (in this instance moving arms & legs in time to music) is both a motor skill (which we can practise and improve) and a self-belief, which, when flourishing in the right environment, provides a natural rhythm. The class encourages trust in one's own natural ability to move to music.
Each session concludes with a grounding cool-down & stretch section.
The hand-picked retro/global soundtrack guarantees to lift and inspire to get the energy and co-ordination flowing.
As well as helping us to look our best selves, we take core strength, joint health, co-ordination, balance and individually appropriate range of motion very seriously. Come along and see for yourself this year; everyone is welcome!
What to wear: something cool/flexible. Trainers or similar advisable.  Bring water to stay hydrated :) 
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